• Questa guida e' stata trovata e diffusa in Italia da Renato 'Pip' Seghieri

  • Reproduced by Kind Permission Of Mike Horrill Aldebaran
  • Pouch Making Guide.

    This article is adapted from an article in Adventurer #30 By Ian Turner.

    These are one of the easiest leather items to make - a basic pouch is a long rectangle of supple leather (or cloth) folded in half with two of the edges sewn up and, either the tops folded over and sewn to create a tube, or punch an even number of holes at the top for a drawstring. Alternatively use two rectangles and sew three of the sides up.

    There are a variety of drawstring styles using one or two drawstrings/laces/thongs.

    1 - Once round, one and a half times round or twice round the set of holes

    2 - Coming out of the same hole (punch an uneven number of holes), adjoining holes or holes on opposite sides of the item
    3 - Punching a different number of holes in the front and back of the item for a front drawstring pouch (best to punch 6 or 8 holes at the back and 4 or 6 in the front and having the drawstring coming out of the two front middle holes).

    The drawstring doesn't have to be at the very top of the pouch. Try placing it a quarter of the way down from the top.

    A pouch can be closed/fastened by other methods besides the use of a drawstring.

    1 - An attached ring or loop through which the top half of the pouch is pushed through

    2 - A length of lace wound round and tied off
    3 - Use of loop of lace and a slip knot or a bead
    4 - A strip of leather attached at one end wound round the gathered top once and fastened down (like an umbrellas closure strap which uses a press stud ).



    If the pouch has a flap which goes over the opening of the pouch you can use

    1 - Toggles (made of leather, wood, bone, horn or metal) which flt through a loop

    2 - A peg pushed through a loop
    3 - A thong tied through one or two holes in the flap
    4 - A strip of leather through a buckle
    5 - Buttons through a slit
    6 - Modern fasteners such as press studs, zips, etc.

    To make a leather toggle cut out a piece of leather as shown below. Ensure that the thin strip is at least 6 inches in length. Roll it up tightly from End A until you get to Slit 1 then take End B and push it through Slit I and then Slit 11 and gently pull it tight so not to break the thin strip. You should now have your leather toggle.

    This makes one type, you can cut End A so that it is shaped like a wedge getting thinner towards the slits as shown below.

    The Charm Pouch.

    The Box Pouch.